Wednesday, December 27, 2017

USA 2017: Return to Old Tucson

I'd spent a wonderful day in Tucson six years earlier, and was determined to repeat the success. However, as I was still feeling under the weather, I really only did a quick run through Old Tucson.

The place has served as a stand in for dozens of moves and TV-series and if not for the throngs og tourists, you could imagine yourself in the Old West - or maybe Westworld.
A choo-choo train for the little ones. I think being a conductor on one of these trains would rapidly drain away my last vestige of joie de vivre.

Only the clothes have really changed.

Stagecoach, where one could take a brief tour if one was so inclined.

I had no food, so he paid no interest in me.

Still no Wu or his pigs.

The front of a Spanish style church building.

Three stuntmen kept us amused for a while with jokes and shenanigans.

Ah bought thish.

Not that it helped me much in the end.

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