Thursday, December 28, 2017

USA 2017: The Rooster Cogburn Ranch

The last touristy thing I did in Arizona, was go visit the Rooster Cogburn ostrich ranch, which lies appx. 45 mins northwest of Tucson. They had some ostriches, true, but mainly a bunch of other animals you could feed and/or pet. Ever the sucker for fluffy animals, I forked over the entrance money and was given a few cups with various food and was instructed on when to feed what to whom. I then spent a couple of hours walking around doing precisely that.

They advertise themselves as the darndest place you'll ever see. I'm not ready to go that far, but as these things go, they're pretty darned.

The first animal I encountered was this little donkey, who seemed only interested in the food I had. No love there.

Then I went over to a large bird cage, where insanity ensued every time I stuck this pin, dipped in birdseeds, in between the railings.

I then walked over to the deer enclosure, where almost every animal was dozing in the shadow, out of the blistering midday sun. Only this little fella was prowling the fence, posing for photos and getting his litte snout stuffed.

Right next to the deer enclosure was the goat penthouse, basically a cage hoisted way up in the air, with goats in it. You could then transport food up to them via the five tubes you can see in the photo. At first I thought it somewhat cruel, but apparently the goats themselves love it and fight every morning for the change to get in.

The rest of the goats are busy trying to get a space on the wall, where they will feed frantically on whatever you give 'em. The name "Hole in the wall gang" refers to the famous bandit gang of yore, up in Wyoming, which at times included Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.

An ostrich. From everything I've seen of these birds, they're as intelligent as they look.

A video of an ostrich. Very messy eaters.

Here, one of 'em is trying to kill a plastic food cup. Very intelligent indeed.

These goats were possibly the cutest bunch at the ranch. Playful and cuddly.

This guy was licking the wood with something approaching ecstacy. I dunno if they coat it with salt or heroin, but he was licking away the whole time I was there.


A duck making a fool out of himself. Honestly, have some dignity.

The lorikeet enclosure was possbily the highlight of the tour. I read the "476 cheeseburgers a day" part and knew I'd gotten a new spirit animal.

Birdbrain. Oh, and an actual bird.

They'd frequently come sit on your hands, and at one point I had two; one on each arm. They're greedy lil' fuckers but I liked them.

Video of a lorikeet feeding from my hand... and probably telling his fellow featherballs to fuck off.

The last post on the tour was the pool, where they had a bunch of stingrays. They were cheeky and inquisitive and surprisingy soft to the touch. I talked a bit to some of the employees and they all said the stingrays were their favorites. Whoda thunk it?

Excuse me, Sir! Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Aquaman?

Video of the stingrays.

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