Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A new castle

Tuesday, I set off for Dunfermline to see a new castle. I felt weak, but thank fuck nothing happened with my stomach while I was on the road to the lovely Loch Leven Castle, or, for that matter before I reached relative safety at my lodgings in Dunfermline. I'd had the wits to fill up with a couple of imodium pills and they worked their magic that day, praise Jebus.

Loch Leven Castle lies out in... well, Loch Leven. On an island creatively known as Castle Island. The castle was probably built around the year 1300 and was used in the Wars of Scottish Independence. It was later owned by the Douglas family for around 300 years and Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here 1567-8.

As the boat headed towards Castle Island, we had lovely views on our right.

A birdbrain - sorry, pheasant - was striding aimlessly across the lawn for the duration of our stay there.

One of the many mighty trees on the island.

There was a small tower and I believe a jail in this corner.

The tower house.

Nice and cozy fireplace inside the tower house.

Several floors had once been inside the tower, but now, only the remains of the supportive masonwork remained.

The kitchen was in the basement. Nom, nom.

The shitter. I was getting food at finding them, especially with my medical predicament at the time.

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