Friday, June 17, 2011

Silence of the lamb

I live in a house surrounded by fields on appx 2.5 sides, fields where sheep graze for several months every year. As sure as these dirty-white little fluffballs will keep me awake at all hours of the night with their incessant meeeehing, every damn year some of 'em will escape through a hole in the fence or crawl under it (or simply levitate over, I have no idea how they manage to escape sometimes).

When I came home from what I laughingly refer to as "work" this afternoon, a ewe with a lamb had managed to get out and were at first slumbering peacefully in the garage, safely snuggled up out of the rain. Later they went around the garden, stuffing their little snouts on the... ahem... pristine pastures of uncut weeds grass, where I managed to get some pics of 'em. Enjoy... they sure did!

Ma went for the tall grass while the lil' one decided to check out the bushes by the tree.

After two seconds he was stuffing his face with green leaves.


He was even gnawing on the bark of the tree. Greedy lil' bastard!

Meanwhile, Mother was sniffing the flowers and chewing grass.

Having finished with the flowers, Mother turned her attention to the plants.

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