Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lone Star State of Mind

Well, I've gone and done it. I've bought a return ticket to Houston and pleaded with my new bosses to let me off from the absofuckinlutely pointless last Friday before Christmas, when nothing happens anyway, so that I now have a grand total of two weeks to travel as I please. Wheeeeee!

So I went and booked a plane ticket and rented a car at the same time (British Airways & Avis), and it actually turned out cheaper than renting with Hertz, where I am a member. Hrmph. So much for their Golden Super Plus Bonus Platinum Gold Stripes and Epaulettes program or whatever it's called now.

In the US, I've booked sweet, sweet, dirt cheap Motel 6 rooms all the way, so I shall be lulled to sleep each night, knowing that my room was likely made by an underpaid Mexican, probably an illegal at that. I shall drive my rental car on wide Interstates, paved over injun burial places and filled up with gas stolen from defenseless third world countries. I shall stuff face on greasy, unhealthy food filled with fat and carbs, grown in the most resource-wasting manner possible and probably given a trip round the world just to let out some more greenhouse gases. And I shall love every minute of it.

My itinerary:

18.12   Norway - Houston, TX

19.12  Houston. Meeting up with mah local homies, yo.

20.12  Houston - Lafayette, LA. Taking a route down towards the very coastline, south of I-20.

21.12  Lafayette - New Orleans, LA.

22.12  New Orleans - Venice - New Orleans. Going as far as I can go on paved roads down in the delta.

23.12  New Orleans. Exploring more of the architecture and culture of this fine city. Also, Happy Festivus!

24.12  New Orleans - Baton Rouge. Don't laugh, Baton Rouge has some really nice neighborhoods.

25.12  Baton Rouge - Dallas. Might as well use this stupid day for something useful, so I've planned to make the longest trek of the trip by far this day.

26.12  Dallas - Huntsville. Visiting the JFK memorial at the famous Dealy Plazza building, then going to see the Dubbya prez library.

27.12  Huntsville-College Station-Austin. Visting the Sam Houston museum and gravesite in Huntsville, then on to the Bush Sr. prez museum in College Station.

28.12  Austin - San Antonio. Spending most of my time at the LBJ prez museum/library outside Austin.

29.12  San Antonio. Further exploring this very nice city. I understand the lights along the River Walk is a sight to behold this time of year, then also the Alamo and the Governor's Palace and probably the Tower of the Americas too. So much to see and do in this gem of a city.

30.12  San Antonio - Houston. Back to hang with mah crew, yo.

31.12  Houston. Still hanging, yo.

01.01  Houston - Norway

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