Wednesday, December 18, 2013

New plans for the holiday

Ok, developments, developments. I've just ascertained that my friends in San Diego are more flexible than we'd all previously assumed, so I'm changing my itinerary.

The Texas part remains unchanged. I land in Houston, do a tour of Huntsville - College Station - Dallas - Austin - San Antonio - Houston. I then go on a mad trek to San Diego by way of El Paso.

After two nights in San Diego, Albie and Court go with me to Flagstaff - Grand Canyon - St George - Zion - Bryce Canyon - St George - San Diego.

The last two days will be a mad dash from San Diego back to Houston again, by way of El Paso. I hit Houston sometime in the evening, do New Year's there and then fly back to Norway, an exhausted wreck who'll blanch at the thought of ever touching a steering wheel again.

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