Friday, April 14, 2017

Krakow: My surroundings

After the very interesting visit to the Salt Mine, I drove to the airport and dropped off the rental car. I then decided to splurge on a taxi to my hotel. The taxi driver spoke decent English and wanted to know if I'd been to Poland before. When I told him I'd been to Warszaw he scoffed, and when I told him I'd seen the "Old Town" (which was bombed to smithereens and then rebuilt after the war), he guffawed. This was something I noticed several times during my brief stay; a snotty attitude towards Warszaw and a solid belief in the cultural and historical supremacy of Krakow.

Wednesday, I started coming down with a cold so my movements around town became somewhat restricted. I simply didn't move much about and didn't get to see and do half the stuff I'd planned beforehand. Oh, well. An excuse to come back quickly!

My hotel was decent enough, but the bedding called for a German hairy midget porn movie.

On my first stroll down to the Old Town square, I had breakfast on a park bench. This little fella immediately landed eerily close and gave me the ole' "your eyeballs or your food"-look. I think it's a jackdaw.

I threw him the remains of my sandwhich, but half a dozen pigeons immediately descended on it. Flying rats.

Cosmic balance was restored when he simply grabbed the main part of the bread and flew away with it. You can sse him behind the tree trunk, stuffing beak on his loot.

This is what passes for a hairdressing salon in Krakow.

The lesser square, right next to the main square in the Old Town area.

An old structure which I believe was a gate in the city wall of yore.

This was some kind of tourist info, I think.

Outside the supermarket across the road, they sold alcohol on the streets. Imagine that, Norway!

Dis bunny be stoooned, maaan.

Naturally, I was skeptical of my hotel room.

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