Monday, November 28, 2016

Inchmahome Priory

I also made time for a drive down to the beautiful island of Inchmahome, where lies the famous priory. It is such a tranquil, lovely setting. First, I stuffed face on a good but somewhat overpriced meal at the hotel that's situated on the banks of Lake Menteith, wherein the priory lies. I forget the name of the hotel, but the staff there were very nice and welcoming and I got to play with a dog who belonged to one of them. She was walking around with a piece of rope in her mouth and her greatest wish was fulfilled when I grabbed it and started playing tug of war with her. Totally adorbs.

Out by the priory I had a little snack on a bench, with great views over the lowlands of Menteith, which are part of the Trossachs.

Access to the priory itself was a bit restricted on account of some restoration work they were doing.

This path goes all around the island.

What I like the most about Inchmahome is all the weird and wonderful flora there.

You can see all manner of fantastic and monstrous things if you tilt your head and squint just so.

Ever wondered what the insides of a tree looks like? No? Well, you've no imagination in your soul, then.

This little clearing in the woods is where Mary, Queen of Scots would play when she was whisked away here at the tender age of four, due to the imminent threat of an English invasion.

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