Saturday, October 15, 2016

Duff House & Bow Fiddle Rock

From Fraserburgh I drove west to Duff House, in the care of Historic Scotland. It is a stately Georgian house, which has been refurbised extensively and now also houses a section of the Scottish National Gallery. Afterwards I drove up to Bow Fiddle Rock, a geological peculiarity which has gotten its name from its resemblance to a fiddle bow. So why it's called Bow Fiddle and not Fiddle Bow is beyond me.

There was construction work being carried out on the facade.

A statue of Minerva.

If this was the first thing to great me as I came home on a dark and stormy night, I might have wet myself in terror.

The architect had originally planned for a much bigger structure. As with several other Scottish buildings, it all ended in tears, lawsuits and ruin for the people involved.

Nice rock.

Nearby, on the mainland, were actual caves. Wheeeee!

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