Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quick work trip to Krautland

I made a quick trip to Berlin this week, from Wednesday to Saturday with colleagues. Yes, I broke my self-imposed promise not to go to Germany ever again. I should know better than to make these bombastic, sweeping gestures by now. *sigh*

Anyways, I stayed close to my hotel room for most of the trip, but here are some of the very few pictures I took on the one occcasion where I actually went to the museum area.

The Egyptian collection in Berlin is one of the very, very few nice things I would ever attribute to the Krauts. But I gotta hand it to them, they have a magnificent collection of loot. Here some 18th dynasty Akhenaten goodies.

Queen Nefertiti, seemingly nekkid.

If he knew what hell his Kraut offspring would wreak upon the world, he would have committed suicide as a child.

Not sure what this was supposed to symbolize, as the moose no longer exists in Krautland. Possibly, that it did 60 thousand years ago?

Kraut horn to blow in, presumably when you feel that you just haven't fucked the day up for others sufficiently and you want that last, final omph.

One of the very few rays of metaphorical sunshine came when I happened upon this guy who sold handmade fountain pens. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Finally, I was extremely skeptical of Berlin.

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