Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Paranoid and irresponsible

Conspiracy theories and paranoia have been a part of American society for centuries, but this story is downright frightening. It shows that a considerable part of a large American minority group are fundamentally (emphasis on "mental") ignorant and irresponsible in matters of grave concern to themselves and to society.

Sadly it also shows something of a pattern in any welfare state: The increasing lack of desire and ability to take responsibility for one's own life. Everything is always somebody else's fault. Don't have a job? Well, an utter lack of skills, a bad attitude and poor grooming should be of no consequence, so blame The Man. No education? Well, it can't possibly be because you didn't pay attention in school, so it must be a conspiracy. Poor? Having several kids with as many fathers when you couldn't really provide for one in the first place is surely not your fault, society's to blame. And when you're too goddamn lazy or stupid or horny to put a rubber on your willy, then surely it must be someone else's fault when you get AIDS too.

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Special Sauce said...

Well, count me as a total conspiracy nut, because I do believe there's something shady going on in the pharmaceutical industry. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it were to come out that there were effective cures for various diseases, AIDS included, that are being withheld, because frankly, it gets them more money to have people take maintenance drugs for the rest of their lives, than it is to cure them.

In fact- this is getting too long to do in your comments. I'll rant about this topic over at my own blog. You've been warned.