Friday, December 2, 2016

Final post from Scotland: Huntingtower Castle

My last touristy destination was Huntingtower Castle. The castle was previously named Ruthven, after the Clan of the same name which held it until the year 1600, when the Earl and his brother were implicated in a plot against James VI and executed. For good measure, the name was banned in Scotland and their descendants banned from ever holding office or title again. Although the castle is much smaller than it once was, it is a handsome structure and when you walk about inside, you can see some glimpses of old grandeur.

From the back.

Lovely decorations on the ceiling.

The top floor was the Lord's private chambers. It had a cozy looking fireplace.

It also had this. Not a crapper, but a secret compartment for valuables and possibly documents.

This, on the other hand, is a crapper.

The little holes in the walls is where they put the wooden beams that carried the weight of the floors.

Nice views from the roof.

Next day, at the airport in Dyce. Naturally, I was skeptical of leaving Scotland.

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