Thursday, December 1, 2016

Return to Castle Campbell

Since I was in the area, I just HAD to go and see Castle Campbell again. It was early October, so the roses and their lovely fragrance had all withered away, but the ruins and the views were as marvelous as ever. As always, feast yer eyes!

The outer wall of the once great hall.

Some bits are in ruins, some bits are still quite nice.

The keep, which is probably the oldest part of the castle, is still standing. I didn't climb it this time.

The view from the upper level of the gardens is one of the best in all of Scotland.

The cozy little stream on the east side of the castle. A family with two young daughters were playing merrily in the cold water as I walked by.

The big tree outside the castle entrance is one of the nicest I've yet had the great fortune of seeing. Ye Gods, I love trees.

Is that a face in the wood?

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