Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Touring the Canyon de Chelly

Today, we've gone down into the Canyon de Chelly (where I spent a happy day in 2015) with a Native injun American guide. Moi and mah San Diego crew, Albie and Court were all very happy with the whole Chinle experience, from our splendid hotel (The Thunderbird Lodge) to the guided tour. We were told many stories of the Navajo people, their history and the geology and culture of the Canyon and its people (appx. 40 families still eke out a living down there). As far as I could tell, no major organs were shaken loose during the very bumpy ride; I'm pretty sure a few "wheeeee"'s even escaped my lips.

Ancient pictograms.

The somewhat famous "White House" of the canyon.

From afar.

We took appx. a gazillion pics of this beautiful wild horse. She's purdy, ain't she?

There were several small groups of them moving around the canyon floor.

Sheer cliff wall.

More purdy chemtrails condensation trails.

Tons of commercials have reportedly been shot around Spider Rock.

The canyon branches off several times. I watched this particular valley wistfully back in 2015.

Naturally, I was skeptical of Spider Rock.

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