Thursday, December 29, 2016


Wednesday and part of Thursday was spent in the much hyped community of Sedona. Now, I got some heat from Albie and Court for my lack of enthusiasm about the place, but let me stress that I thought the scenery was both nice and pretty. I just failed to see the incredible hype, since I could easily come up with literally a hundred places in the US that are much, much nicer.

We were staying at a place on top of a hill overlooking Sedona. Unbeknownst to me, this was a place that Albie had dreamt about staying at for years and I was declared a genius upon arrival. That status lasted about ten minutes, when I failed to become euphoric at this sight.

Thursday morning, we went on a tour of the surroundings. It was quite interesting and the scenery was purdy.

We saw several deer.

This cabin was now uninhabited, but had once housed a family.

More purdy scenery.

The area offers wide vistas, as does so much of the western US.

Some rocks outside Sedona.

Naturally, I was skeptical of Sedona.

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