Friday, September 18, 2020

This year's tour of the west coast - day three

The next morning, I decided against driving further up the coast, as the weather was getting rainy and shitty as only a Norwegian September can.

So I started the long haul back home. As usual, I didn't stop to take pictures of all the lovely scenery I saw, if I had, I would probably still be up there...

Almost at the top of a valley I stopped and had a look around. On a big rock, dozens of vandals had desecrated nature by building these little towers of rock and how I hate them, both the people and the towers. They are a blight on the otherwise pristine scenery and must be demolished where possible. I went a little cray-cray as you can see.

119724341_10164567199160294_5910533246679440188_n 119790053_10164567199200294_8628039299652610290_n 119833518_10164567199255294_6251375171032276503_n 119778996_10164567199360294_6310569421566859154_n

I then took the old, single lane road across the mountain (there is a much faster tunnel going straight through). As I started coming down on the other side, I stopped at a lake to get my bearings on the map. A beautiful rainbow appeared and almost as soon as I had my picture, disappeared again.


The autumn foilage was out in full blaze.


At yet another place, the clouds and the light interplayed so, so lovely. I don't think the pictures do it justice, it was breathtaking.

119890813_10164567286060294_7755394919505159707_o 119784411_10164567284500294_6387874053006802924_o

Closer to home, I stopped to stuff face on a waffle. So, so good.


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