Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My trip to the West Coast: The Drive to Lysebotn

The final touristy thing on my trip was a drive to Lysebotn, which at its end has a nervewracking descent of 27 hairpin turns, taking you appx. 900 meters (apx. 2,950 feet) down, from the top of a mountain to sea level. These pictures are from the drive to the descent, which also has some stunning scenery with winding, narrow roads and even effin' SNOW on the ground.

A large part of Norway is made up of big mountains and mountain massifs.

Snow in early August. I could cry.

These sheep looked at me with equal parts skepticism and disgust.

They flocked around my car when I crossed the road to take pictures.

One of the stupidest crazes of the last years is the custom of making small stone symbols by arranging them thus; it's supposed to be a symbol of peace:

So, being a natural born warmonger and wanting to preserve the Norwegian mountains unmolested by hippies, I went berserk. Few things in life feel better than to tear down the works of retarded lefties with your own bare hands and feet.

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