Monday, August 8, 2016

My trip to Prague III

After the Cathedral, I went to the part of the complex known as the Old Royal Palace, which was originally built in the 12th century. It contains several spots of historical importance.

The Vladislav Hall, where the coronation of Czech kings took place. It is so big they even held jousting competitions with muthafuckin' horses in there. I apologize for the blurry pic, but flash photography was not allowed.

From this window, outraged Protestant nobles threw three Papist fucks in 1618. This incident is known as The Second Defenestration of Prague, igniting the Thirty Year's War. Per capita it is still held by many historians to have been the bloodiest conflict in history.

The balcony just off the Hall has some great views over the city.

In another room off the Hall, the Czech Diet would meet. The Diet did not, as one might think, consist of meat, potatoes and cabbage, but was rather a type of proto-parliament, where representatives of the various high and mighty groups in society would meet to advise the King.

One of the officials of the Diet held the keys to the rooms where they kept the property protocols. These were ancient documents outlining the borders for all the properties clerical and secular in the realm. The room was conveniently situated right next to the Diet, in case a property dispute came up (it often did). Again, I apologize for the blurry pics.

As previously mentioned, the Vladislav Hall was so large they held jousting tournaments in there. The competing knights would use this entrance.

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