Monday, August 8, 2016

My trip to Prague I

I did a week in Prague July 15-22. The trip was partially to met up with mah Houston peeps and partially plain recreation. I also went and saw some of the attractions I'd never done before, although this was my sixth visit.

The first morning I awoke freakishly early and went out to greet the city around 6PM. The astronomical clock from 1490 in Old Town Square was almost deserted at this point.

As you can see on the tower clock, the sun is just rising and it's appx. 6:20AM.

The wedding industry has really taken off in Prague since my last visit in 2009. And more than 90% of the couples are Asian. These people were actually out in the rather chilly morning air to get their pics done when I walked by at 6:30AM.

In the other direction was the Charles bridge (Karluv most), almost empty of people at this early hour. It was literally two minutes from my hotel (and that was about the only good thing you could say about the hotel).

Right next to the bridge, on the Old Town side, is this statue of Charles IV as a transvestite. Bold choice!

I was skeptical of the Charles bridge.

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