Monday, November 14, 2011

Columbia River Gorge I

Friday morning we got up way the fuck early and went east to the Columbia River Gorge to catch the sunrise. We ended up spending several hours there, and didn't make Fresno till Saturday afternoon. Oh, well... you have to sacrifice for art & beauty.

This is the first of several posts with pics from various parts of the gorge, which was carved out over millions of years by the mighty Columbia river. In modern times the area was an important waterway for European settlers and the focal point of a lot of the commercial activities in the northwestern US. It is still important for businesses and for leisure activities, and there are lots of wonderful waterfalls along the way.

These pictures were taken from Chanticleer Point, which is the first real stop on the Historic Columbia River Highway (parts of US 30 in Oregon).

First sunlight on the fog covered gorge.

It just kept getting foggier for a while.

The skies were mighty purdy too.


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