Friday, November 11, 2011

Up the California coast

Aight, I've been so tardy with my updates, the chronology is getting a little confusing, even for me... On Friday Nov 4 I drove from Ridgecrest back to San Diego, handed in the rental car and then Friday night we set off on an insane/epic drive up to Buttonwillow. This town, which is on the I-5, has nothing whatsoever to recommend it and was chosen only because we were exhausted at that point.

Saturday we set off up to San Francisco, where it was too rainy & foggy to take pics of the Golden Gate bridge, so instead we settled for dinner and a drive up to Petaluma to go up the coast on Sunday. We ate at some supposedly great fish restaurant, and Albie & Court loved it, while I was like uhm... "a fish on land" doesn't sound quite right... let's just say I've had better meals.

There was no fuckin meat on the menu and the cunt that owned the restaurant even had a piece of paper handed out with the menu, explaining that as HE had diabetes he didn't serve desserts. What the fuck? This smugness is why I'm coming to fuckin hate the city and all its hippie, lefty, nanny-state mentality. Ugh.

Anyway, we started out from Petaluma at 6am and pretty much chased the rising sun for the next hour. We stopped and took lots of photos of mist, woodlands, water, etc., and continued doing so pretty much all day till we reached Eureka as the sun was going down.

It was a pretty drive, made all the better by our random choice for lunch - Bones Roadhouse, a kinda biker place on CA 1, the coastal road. The portions were ludicrous and the food yummy, yummy, yummy. I highly recommend it for anyone going up the coast. Btw, I've gone and bought a proper camera at appx $380, you be the judge iffin I've got mah money's worth. I've shot so many pics I'mma divide them up into several posts, but you can find
all Northern Cali coast pics here.

These are the first pics we took, on the way from Petaluma to the coast. The sun was just rising and the fog, and the light and the surroundings made the whole scene insanely pretty. Dis be mah 1st pic with a new camera.

Misty wood.

The road goes ever on and on...


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