Thursday, November 17, 2011

Zion NP: Mountains

We've come to the penultimate installment from my day at Zion National Park (Tuesday US time for y'all), and the one feature that makes or breaks a park such as this: Mountains. The drivable part of the park is basically one long, narrow valley, with one side road that goes way the fuck up in the mountains and through a tunnel to come out on the eastern side.

There's lots of mighty purdy mountains here, and I took a shitload of pics and also had to delete a ton for being blurry, unfocused or just plain bad. All in all I think I took somewhere around 500 pictures of the park, from the tiniest rock to the most ginormous mountain, from the most sturdy looking Bighorn sheep to the most ridiculous wild turkey. Anyways, here is my collection of purdy mountains, all pics can be found here.








This one is called Checkerboard Mesa.

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