Saturday, November 12, 2011


Albie & Court fell for Portland (and Seattle... and Frisco...) while I was more skeptical. There's a smugness to these cities that simply reflects how many completely worthless liberals are living there, most of them on the public's tit. Still, Portland has its good sides, not least the food! Huge, well stocked bookstores also go a long way to redeem its claim to being called a people's republic.

Pics here.

Fuckin HUGE breakfast. I was not able to finish the whole thing (yes, the pancakes were included), but I can report that it was absolutely delish.

Ham, chicken and egg on top of a hefty slab of French toast. With syrup. Oh, and the two pancakes on the side.

We had dinner at a place called The Observatory. I highly recommend their fried bread for starters, it was incredibly tasty.

Powell's bookstore covers the whole block, and is up to four storeys high. Mighty impressive.

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